Property Search

We will meet you in your own environment – at home or in the office – to establish your aspirations and requirements. We will listen carefully to what you want and tailor our search to your needs. We can then get a feel for the type of property you require and have a clear appreciation of your lifestyle.

We aim to save you time and find the right property, at the right price, in the right place. It's our task to find what you are looking for and have a thorough understanding of what suits you.

We strongly believe in providing peace of mind for our clients and strive to bring a refreshing approach to our service. We will be committed from the start through to completion.

Richard Field Property Search only takes on a selected number of clients to ensure there is no conflict of interest - it would not make sense to have two clients trying to purchase a similar property.

There are no frills, we tell it as it is: what’s happening in the ‘market’, whether ‘to buy or not to buy’ and what may be potentially a good investment in a particular area. If we do not think a purchase is right for you then we will give you our reasons.