1. London – where the property market leads the way

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  2. A confident and mature approach to buying country property

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  3. Informed and focused property search

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  4. Which way to turn? A solution.

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  5. Town or country – acquisition or rental?

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Making the difference in your search for property . . .

We are an independent property search agency, a limited company not owned or tied to any estate agent. We specialise in finding property in London and Country property in Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset.

We believe we are different and provide a more individualistic approach and support for
our clients, something you will hopefully appreciate. We are here to help with a discreet approach. Our professional team will act for you in your search for property to buy or rent.

Richard Field Property Search also provides a new ‘Property Doctor’ advisory service, where you can get reassurance and independent advice when there are concerns and
uncertainties confronting potential property buyers and sellers.